Disneyland in Anaheim – January 1992

January 25 and 27, 1992

Disneyland sign

This was the same trip where I also went to Universal Studios.  I was traveling alone and I have few photos, so youtube helped me out in telling my story.  I wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about going here at the time, but I would love to go back and really document this right. I will share what I have.

My trip deal included two visits to Disneyland, so I went on the evening of January 25 and all day on the 27th.  It looks like about 5:15 so days were short with it being January.

Disneyland Train Station

Here is the map of Disneyland as it looked at that time. Here is the map now.I am glad I went when I did, ticket prices were only $33 for adults if you just bought a day ticket, in 2015 it’s $99.

1992 Disneyland Map

I didn’t go real far in my first night, this is the Main Street area, I pretty much stayed there.

Disneyland Main Street

I saw the most on my full day there on the 27th. Spent a little more time on Main Street.

Disneyland Main Street 2

Disneyland Mainstreet Cinema

Disneyland Penny Arcade

 I got there right when they opened and got a pic of the castle before there were people in front of it.

Disneyland castle

The train, I think I rode it.

Disneyland train

It appeared Frontierland was not quite complete yet.

Disneyland Frontierland construction

Also Rivers of America, the boat was under construction or at least refurbishing too.  The river appears to be drained. This was just one of several upgrades done since my long-ago visit.

Disneyland Rivers of America Paddlewheel Boat

It’s a Small World, I did ride that one.

Disneyland It's a Small World

Disneyland It's a Small World 2

Somebody else who was there the same year I was filmed the ride.

A wizard challenged guests to pull the sword from the stone.  One of us could be the next King Arthur!

Disneyland Sword and the Stone

For guests who stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, they could ride their own monorail to the park directly from the hotel. I didn’t get to ride this but I got a good picture of it.

Disneyland Monorail crop 0001

Here is a great video of it. Looks like fun!

My favorite ride in Disneyland was the Star Tours.  We were on a “shuttle” in the Star Wars universe and it tilted with the action of the video on screen.  I loved it, I must have rode it 6 times!  Somebody else managed to record the ride the same year I was there.

Well, that sums up my visit to Disneyland.  I had a good time but wish I took a few more pictures. Thanks to the people who shot videos the same year I was there.

Madison Summer Concerts – 14th Annual Opera in the Park

7-25-15   The Madison Opera

Opera in the Park banner


The show began at 8, we arrived by 5 because we knew even then a lot of people come to this. We did get a good spot just off-center. The lawn and hill behind us looked like this just before the show.

Opera in the Park crowd

It’s time!

Stage and crowd at Garner Park

Opera in the Park Andrew Sewell


Here is the program. click to enlarge.

Opera in the Park Show Program


The Madison Opera also provided a Guide on their website giving more details about the music and give you a chance to listen to the music they played.  Before the show they were selling light sticks, and you will soon see why.

First, let me introduce the talented soloists.

Kyle Ketelsen-Eleni Calenos-Meredith Arwady at Opera in the Park frame

Anna Loreno text Opera in the Park

Calenos and Meers at Opera in the Park

After intermission is has become quite dark outside.  You can see people’s light sticks begin to dot the hillside with light.  The moon is photobombing the scene too, contributing its own light.

Opera in the Park Lightstick Show

And now the finale, “It’s a Grand Night for Singing” (State Fair)  with full audience participation!

Wow! What an exciting evening with 16,000 other enthusiasts of Madison’s fine art scene. We hope to come back next year, it will be on July 23, 2016. This will be their big 15th Anniversary celebration.

Best Western Plus Inn on the Park – Madison’s only Capitol Square Hotel

7-10-15 Tour of  Inn on the Park

Inn on the Park column frame

We arranged for a tour of this historic hotel that goes back to 1871, where many politicians and legislators stayed while in town for Government business.  Pictures of the hotel’s early history are on the wall. It was called the Park Hotel then, this is its original look in about 1875.

Park Hotel in Madison 1875

That may still be going to this day, but it is also it has also become a fun destination for visitors in the heart of Madison. The frame of the picture above is made of a column just inside the garage, as is the welcome sign.  We did feel welcome when we came in and our guide was clearly enthusiastic about sharing the many amenities this hotel has to offer.  Service begins when you arrive with valet parking for your vehicle.

The lobby is beautiful and welcoming.  Even a sitting area just outside the on-site restaurant Jeromes Restaurant.  We came back for dinner later.

Inn on the Park lobby

Sitting Area at Inn on the Park

We then headed to the 2nd floor and saw the indoor pool and through the large windows a fitness room.

Pool and Fitness room at Inn on the Park

Next were the two large rooms meant to accommodate large larger parties. The Hall of Wisconsin Grand Ballroom accomodates 360 for dinner or 600 for a cocktail reception. Hall of Wisconsin

And the room with a view, the landmark Top of the Park room can accommodates 125 people for a seated meal and 250 for a cocktail reception.

Top of Park collage

Great views of the Square and Capitol, also towards the Courthouse.

Capitol View from Top of the Park

The view behind us from the lower on South Hamilton St.  You can see the Tornado Steakhouse below.

Top of the Park view

We were also shown some of the rooms, including the one with the classic Capitol view.

Capitol View from room at Inn on the Park

Room views at Inn on the Park

This concludes the tour, but we returned in the evening for their Friday Fish Fry at Jerome’s Restaurant.

Jerome's Bar at Inn on the Park

Long Table at Inn on the Park

Fish fry at Jeromes at Inn on the Park

Dining Room at Inn on the Park

Thanks very much David for the great tour and Jerome’s for a wonderful dinner. You get a thumbs up from us.

Thank You For Staying frame