Madison Summer Concerts – The Dean House Back Porch Concert


 The Capitol Chordsman

Back in January we took a tour of the Nathaniel Dean house and now we are here for their summer concert.  Quite a few people attended.  They have 5 concerts each summer on Thursday evenings, this is the schedule for this year.

Dean House concerts     Dean House concert crowd

It’s time!  Let’s enjoy the show!


They performed a great one-hour program for the audience and had us wanting more.

Capitol Chordsman


The Dean House has many exciting events throughout the year. The Capitol Chordsman do also, and learn more about them and their next performances here.


Olbrich Botanical Gardens – Blooming Butterflies

Mid-July to Mid-August



Olbrich Botanical Garden Butterfly sign


Blooming Butterflies cost

Olbrich Botanical Gardens  has many great events throughout the year. In December I went to their Holiday Express. In mid-summer the conservatory is full of butterflies! They get shipments of butterflies still in their Chrysalis, and they emerge inside Bolz Conservatory.  They are emerging inside this case, then are released when ready.

Butterfly hatching at Olbrich

Hatching butterflies at Olbrich

Here are a couple that just hatched and are drying their wings. Those are Gulf Fritillary. Here are six others I saw, the one on the purple cone flower was outside.

Butterfly Collage at Olbrich

Butterfly Collage 2 at Olbrich

 There were others, but many were not yet out of their crysalis yet. To attract more butterflies to your yard, here is an idea they shared with us.

Attracting Butterflies

The outdoor gardens were just as beautiful in full summer bloom.

Olbrich Outdoor Collage

  What a great time to visit the gardens!

McFarland John Larson House Museum


Larson House in Window

A long time was spent restoring the Larson House in McFarland, and last fall there was a sneak preview of progress made up to that point. The grand opening was May 24-25th of this year.

John Larson was the 3rd owner of this house. He bought it in 1911 and has been in the family over 100 years. Now it is open and ready for tours from 1-4 PM between Memorial and Labor Day. Tours are free but donations encouraged, a few books about the house and McFarland history are also for sale.

We begin our tour as we go inside, we see the beautiful stained glass window you see here at the stairway landing.

Larson House Stairway

On the main floor is also the living room (picture by Larson House staff) and the kitchen.

Larson House Living Room

Larson House Kitchen


Pantry in the kitchen

Larson House Pantry

Also the Parlor and Dining Room.  The wallpaper is original to the home!

Larson House Dining Room


Larson House Parlor

On the left side of the room is John Larson’s Psalmodikon instrument from Norway, his homeland. Here is what is sounds like. It is a one-string instrument that can be either plucked or played with a violin bow.

Now we head upstairs to see the other rooms.

Larson House hallway

The largest is what may have been the master bedroom, and it is octagon-shaped, a popular feature at the time. Hanging up is a Norwegian dress. The three windows are facing the street.

Larson House Master Bedroom


Larson House Master Bedroom windows


Another bedroom. The bureau and mirror are original to the house.

Larson House bedroom

The office

Larson House office


Our tour here has reached it’s conclusion. We really enjoyed our visit here and we hope to come for any special events here in the future.