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Sturgis-City of Riders


Sturgis  is a city of 6,627 in Meade County, South Dakota and is known as the City of Riders.  That’s because it is the ground zero for motorcycle riders and a HUGE motorcycle rally. We made this one of our stops on our way to Wyoming and wanted to see it since a friend of mine has been there.  Sturgis is best known for their big Motorcycle Rally every August. Sturgis also has a radio station that follow the rally, KNKL.

The first order of business was having lunch. The place that was recommended to us was Jambonz   Grill and Pub.  The owner Sheree Schriver came out and chatted with us a few minutes while we waited for our food, which was delicious!  Al had a club sandwich while I had the catfish, yum!

A couple doors down is Sturgis Guns, an employee there told us about Jambonz, thanks!

Just down the street is a historical marker dedicated to Charles Nolin, a Pony Express mail carrier. He was ambushed and killed here by Indians on August 19, 1876.  This was still a very dangerous territory then.

After lunch we spent about 1/2 hour exploring downtown. Sturgis want people on the highway to know what community they are passing, so they put “STURGIS” in large, friendly white letters on a nearby hillside.

Downtown is the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. On the left side of the building is a poster of a photo taken during the motorcycle rally.  The street is FULL!  This is the community’s biggest event of the year.

On the other side of the building.

Photo by Al Kutil

There is a lot going on here, some landscape work being done, new curbing and other improvements being done. See here for the many places to shop in Sturgis.

On our right is the historic Sturgis Armory building.

In front of the armory is a sign describing the bricks in front of it. It is the Sturgis Brick Project.

The city is in the process of replacing the sidewalk with engraved bricks. They are off to a good start!

The historic bank building on the corner of First and Main, built in 1886.

Love this view, the motorcycle museum would be on your right. The Knuckle Saloon is on the left.

As expected, there are tattoo parlors here, more than one. Sturgis Tattoo in a historic hotel building and The Tattoo Cellar. Since we have no tattoos and have no knowledge on the subject, read this article first before deciding where to go.

There are many places to get a souvenir downtown on this block.

Sturgis Denim and Lace

Hot Leathers

Sturgis Photo and Gifts

Tom T’s and Big Al’s Swap Shop

And now for motorcycle dealerships.  Sturgis has a Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycle. We never saw them before!

It was time to go, we had a great visit in Sturgis, friendly people and a biker atmosphere.

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Cambridge – Home of Motor City West Inventors


We became interested in Cambridge when we discovered what an important part of the recreation industry it is.  Also the art scene, pottery in particular. Cambridge has been dubbed the “Salt-glazed Pottery Capitol of the World” in the 1980-90’s.   See here for all the artists creating great art for sale in Cambridge.  We visited Rowe Pottery Works and really enjoyed seeing their great pottery and attractive displays.  They even can customize pottery for you to make a great gift for that special someone!

Welcome to Rowe Pottery UrnRowe Pottery Works store in Cambridge Wisconsin

Rowe Pottery display

beach-scene-beach-umbrellaCambridge Watertower

As for contributions to the recreation industry, Cambridge became a favorite place for Chicagoans to visit, especially in summer.  This all began in the late 1800’s.  Cambridge soon saw their own Lake Ripley’s beach dotted with many blue and yellow beach umbrellas in summer. Cambridge turned this into an opportunity to encourage tourists to come visit. They called themselves “Umbrella City”, and added a yellow and blue beach umbrella to their logo.  Some liken Cambridge to be like a little “Lake Geneva“, another lake in Wisconsin that boasts many Illinois visitors. The umbrella even tops of their historic water tower. Here is a winter scene of Lake Ripley as seen from Ripley Park, and a historic marker discussing another famous past resident of Cambridge.

Lake Ripley in Winter

Ole Evinrude outboard motor inventor

Ole Evinrude invented the outboard motor for boats, which no doubt are on many of the boats cruising Lake Ripley in the summer today.

The other famous inventor that resided in Cambridge was Arthur Davidson, of Harley-Davidson motorcycle fame.  See the Harley-Davidson  Museum in Milwaukee to learn more.  Matt Kenseth of NASCAR fame also hails from Cambridge.

We saw other historic buildings, the former school of red brick, now the home of the town museum and civic theater group.

Cambridge Historic School Museum

Cambridge Museum sign

The Cambridge House Bed and Breakfast, formerly the home of Doctor Bilstad in town 100 years ago.

Cambridge House Bed and Breakfast

For a longer stay in Cambridge,  you might enjoy  The Victorian.

The Victorian Bed and Breakfast

Also a beautiful Historic  Old  Stonehouse , built in 1851,  owned by the Cambridge Foundation and for many years has been home to The Voyager’s Jewelery Design

Cambridge Historic Stonehouse- Voyagers Jewelery

We enjoyed a great lunch at the Keystone Grill.

Keystone Grill in Cambridge WI

Motor your way into Cambridge,  you will enjoy your visit!

Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee


It was a cold, snowy day in February, a great time to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. We are not bikers, but we know people who are.  What a fun place!  We learned the history of the Harley through the many exhibits. They even played an important role in WWII. I never knew!  There was even a chance to see the room where they restore bikes and store ones not currently on display.

StatueHarley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee

IMG_07882-19 139

2-19 194


The last area of the museum featured a large screen and cycles you could sit on and pretend to ride for a great photo-op.

On cycle 2

The museum also has two restaurants on site. The Motor Bar and Restaurant, and a less expensive cafe also.  We had lunch at the cafe, great food! Don’t forget the gift shop, lots of great items there too.  It was a wonderful day. Even if you are not a Harley fan going in, you may be one going out!