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Celebrate July 4th in Columbus, WI

7-4-18 and 7-4-12

The last time we were in Columbus for July 4th was in 2012 so we decided to go back.   The parade started at noon and it was wonderful! It lasted nearly two hours. The Parade Marshalls. (click to enlarge)

Watch it here.

After the parade we headed to Fireman’s Park where all of the festivities were taking place. There was a carnival also, Mr. Ed’s Magical Midways.

The main attraction that drew us here was the First Brigade Band from Watertown. They were in the parade. They are a Civil War-era band, complete with instruments that were played in the 1860’s.  We knew about them but never saw them perform before.  See them below.

At this point, rain was threatening. The next show was Ballet Folkloriko Mexico.  They were also really good, but it began to rain half-way through their performance and they had to cut it short. They had someone also getting video, but they had to stop because of the rain. I held my hat over my camera to keep it dry! You can see my video below.

And that was the conclusion of our July 4th celebration in Columbus. We had a wonderful time here today! Let freedom ring!

Columbus Redbud Days – Welcome Spring!


It’s the time of year Columbus has been waiting for, Redbud Days.  This annual celebration celebrates the Redbud tree, prominently displayed all over the city. Read more about the history here.   Many of the redbuds are descended from one especially hardy tree that lived over 60 years, it was on 537 West James street. It lived from the 1940’s until it had to be cut down in 2001. It’s unique genetic makeup was preserved and the tree’s “children” are all over Columbus, 48 on city property alone.

We began the day by visiting some of the great garage sales around town. Found some great buys and had fun!  Many people had redbuds in their yard, some quite large.

Back downtown for all the fun!  Every year, a new Redbud Prince and Princess are chosen in a competition by children entering the contest. The ceremony was at the Columbus Senior Center.

Each child is interviewed and a panel of Judges choose the winners.  See the ceremony here.

The kids were wonderful and all are fine representatives of Columbus. They will all go far.

Redbud Royal Court 2017

Plenty going on outside also.  The Badger Antique Auto Club had a Car Show, sponsored by Carol Valley C.P.A.  S.C.P.

Behind the car show Columbus businesses displayed their wares.

Cooley Prop and Weld, LLC

Mid-State Equipment

I smell something good!   It must be the Kiwanis Brat Fry, time for lunch!

, kids were participating in the Chalk Walk outside. Pretty good drawings!

Welcome spring at Columbus Redbud Days!

Columbus – The Red Bud City


7-4-12 & 1-16-14 & 5-5-16

Redbud Tree and City Hall and sign

Welcome to Columbus! Also known as “The City of Distinction”, this community of 4,991 has many interesting landmarks and historic structures.  Featured above is the City Hall,  built in 1892 and still serves in this capacity. The living landmark as seen in the sign above the Redbud Tree.  They provide a great color accent to the downtown and resident yards in May when they bloom.  Columbus so reveres the tree they have a festival called, “Redbud Days”.

Red Bud days sign at Library

 In 2016 we were not able to come to the festival  but we did stop in to see their beautiful red bud trees. They were EVERYWHERE.  This city really earned it’s monicker “The Red Bud City”.  The sign above was on the lawn of the Columbus Public Library. It is no ordinary library though, it’s a Carnegie Library.  We have seen those in many of the towns we have visited.

Columbus Public Library

We begin our exploration of Columbus with the historic home of former Governor James Taylor Lewis.

Governor Lewis Mansion in Columbus


Governor Lewis home side view in Columbus

Governor James Taylor Lewis marker

The mansion is located in a historic district and we took a look at the other beautiful houses on this block and nearby.  Across the street on 147 North Lewis is the Wheeler House, 1870.  Louis Sullivan stayed here while the Farmers and Merchants Union Bank was being built.  President Taft once made a speech from the front balcony of this house too.

Wheeler house in Columbus IMG_6969

The Bellack House, 1897.

Bellack House 1897 IMG_6976

The beautiful Farnham House from 1867 dominates the corner on 553 West James St.

Farnham House IMG_6964

This is the Queen Anne/Tudor Revival House on 314 South Charles, built in 1900.

Chadborne House 1929 IMG_6930

This house that looks like a castle is the Albrech House on 334 South Ludington, built in 1930.  There are a great many more houses, be sure to get the guide book in the Farmers bank to find them all!

Albrech House 1930 IMG_7046

On a hill across the street from the Governor’s mansion is the Columbus historic Chapel Street Water tower,  a prominent landmark.

Columbus Historic Water tower


The whole downtown is a designated Historic District.  This fact did not escape Hollywood. They chose to film part of the movie “Public Enemies”, released in 2009. Here is a corner panorama of these beautiful buildings.

Downtown Columbus corner panorama

The Farmers and Merchants Union Bank is a special centerpiece of Columbus. It is only one of 8 “Jewel Box” banks in the entire United States designed by Louis Sullivan.  The outside of the bank was also featured in the movie Public Enemies. The inside was breathtaking!  One of the associates who was worked there a long time, Anita, gave us a tour of the bank!  On the upper floor is a small museum of bank artifacts.  We found out the beautiful molded “stonework” on the outside is terra cotta, less expensive than carved stonework.  The water fountain no longer works but it is still beautiful.

Farmers and Merchants Union Bank in Columbus

Farmers and Merchants Bank plaque


Farmer and Merchant Bank plaque in Columbus

The meeting room.

Farmers and Merchants Union Bank meeting room

Lobby and museum in Historic Mezzanine.

Farmers and Merchants Bank in Columbus collage

The bank also sells a few souveniers to visitors.  You can find the list next to the lamp that Louis Sullivan presented to the bank upon completion. We got the Columbus History and Architecture Tour booklet for $3, proceeds benefiting the Columbus Historical Society.  Thanks Anita for the great tour!

Louis Sullivan Bank gift lamp

A monument across from City Hall pays homage to Civil War soldiers.

Civil War Memorial in Columbus IMG_7274

A piece of personal history, the Town Tap was one of the sponsors of my husband’s sister’s Softball team in the 1970’s.

Town Tap in Columbus

Joretta Town Tap Columbus Softball Team

Kurth Brewery  building is also a landmark here.  They no longer brew beer but its still owned by the family and run a small bar and restaurant there.  The brewery burned down on July 20, 1916 and was not rebuilt. Prohibition began in 1919 and that didn’t help in trying to recover either.   They are open Wednesday and Friday evening from 6-10:30 PM only.

Kurth Brewery building IMG_7090

Kurth Brewery sign in Columbus

Kurth Brewery

The John Henry Kurth House on 902 Park is a 1897 Queen Anne style home.

John Henry Kurth House in Columbus

Columbus is known for its great shopping also, especially antiques.  The largest store in Wisconsin is here, the Columbus Antique Mall, a former canning factory. They are open 8-4 daily, and feature the Christopher Columbus Museum.

Columbus Antique Store Museum

Many artifacts in the museum, including models of the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria. Also, 18 rooms of antiques for sale.  Get there early to see everything, the place is HUGE!


Columbus Antique Mall inside

We had a great July 4th there in 2012.   People liked getting dressed in their patriotic finest.  We had our picture with this man we met there just before the parade.  The celebration was held at Fireman’s Park afterwards. Lots of fun.  The historic Park Pavilion is 100 years old in 2016.

July 4 in Columbus Patriotic guy

Fireman's Park in Columbus 7-4-12

Columbus also has one of the few Amtrak train stations in Wisconsin.  It once was the Milwaukee Railroad Depot. When we visited in 2016 we were lucky enough to see the train stop by.  The depot was built in 1906. It was the 2nd depot built in Columbus. Notice the brick path?  They may have been laid there at the same time this depot built.  The company that made these brick pavers may have been Purington Brickyard in East Galesburg, IL.  The company that reclaims some of these historic bricks is  Gavin Historical Bricks. Not longer in production since the invention of concrete and asphalt, find these originals over a century old was a great find!  See them close up..

Columbus Amtrak Depot

Purington Brickyard path at Columbus Train Station

Inside the depot are benches from the 1930’s or 40’s.

Amtrak Depot 1930's benches

The ticket window at the front of the room.

Amtrak Depot in Columbus ticket window

The schedule, not much but better than nothing.  At least you can get to St. Paul or Chicago. From there you can connect to other trains going to points elsewhere.

Amtrak Schedule in Columbus

Just a little further down the track is the original depot, built in 1864. It was used for both freight and passengers before the newer one was built.

1864 Columbus depot

We also enjoyed a great Mexican meal at The Columbus Family Restaurant on our 2014 visit.  Our dinners were delicious, it was hard to choose since the menu was quite large.

Columbus Family Restaurant

Also stop at Apple Tree Family Restaurant, it is across the street from Kurth’s. We had a great meal there in 2016 and plan on returning.

Big Apple Tree Family Restaurant in ColumbusBig Apple Tree Family Restaurant sign in Columbus

If you want to cook at home, Columbus also has a Pick n’ Save right off the 151 exit.

Pick n' Save grocery in Columbus

Discover Columbus!  They have it all:  great shopping, rich history and friendly people. Stop by!

Columbus Water Tower 2016