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Supper Clubs – Smoky’s Club




I have lived in Madison for 33 years, Al about 23, and we had never been to Smoky’s Club before.  We figured it was about time!  For those who don’t know, this is a supper club, only open for dinner.  Wisconsin is famous for them all over the state, and we hope to spend more time exploring them. Find a supper club in your area here.

Smoky’s opened back in 1953 before there were many businesses on University Avenue. I hope they are there for their 100th anniversary in 2053. My Grandparents Norman and Barb Braton brought many people here during the 60’s-80’s. Leonard and Janet Schmock are the current owners and are grooming the next generation to continue the great service here.

When you enter, you forget it is 2017. It is the 60’s again and big band music plays softly in the background. No bright lights here, subdued lighting and a tension-free background leads to a relaxing dinner here.

Yes, that lamp above is a puffer fish.

We ate in the back dining room, inside was a picture of John F. Kennedy and candlelit tables with cloth napkins. The long table was soon filled with Badger football fans enjoying dinner after the game.

Our meal began with relishes, veggie while we wait for the meal.

And dinner itself! We ordered the sirloin steak with hash browns, another item Smoky’s is famous for. The steaks come a 500°F heated metal platter, you are warned not to touch it by your server. You also get a bread basket with your meal.

Dinner was delicious and we had no leftovers. Enjoy some pictures of the bar area, many twinkly lights and neat decor.

Get out of the water, SHARK!

We really enjoyed our dinner here and the relaxing ambiance. We recommend coming here for a great dinner, especially steak, as they are famous for them. Don’t pass up the hash browns either, Smoky’s is also famous for them as well.


Trip to Titletown-Doing the Lambeau Leap in Green Bay!


We were bound for Titletown!   We left Algoma at 12:45 and headed to Green Bay for the last pre-season game that was to begin at 6 PM.  My husband’s family owns season tickets, pased down from his late father.  We are big Packer fans.

Bridge to Green Bay

Bridge to Green Bay

It was so exciting to be there, Lambeau Field is BIG, they underwent some renovations not too many years ago. They have been adding more seats as well. This is a drive-by shot. We found are big fans also of free parking so we found a spot in a nearby neighborhood not too far from the stadium.

Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field

8-29 1516

Lombardi neighborhood 🙂

We began our walk to the stadium, Packer worship was quite evident, more here than anywhere else in WI.

Packer Gated Shrine

Packer Gated Shrine in Yard from tree

Packer Party

Packer Party

We were with a large crowd of people heading to the stadium..

Lambeau outside

8-29 1550

Coach Lombardi statue

Coach Lombardi statue

The excitement was high as we were admitted into the Atrium. it is HUGE! Here is a view from the 3rd floor.



We found our seats, it had a great view of the field and one of the screens.



The game began with a large Packer Flag and the National Anthem.

8-29 1777

We really had fun at the game, being there is far different than watching it on TV, so real!

92 Degrees

92 Degrees8-30 1937

Our favorite part of the game was a photo with “St. Lombardi”, a big fan present at nearly every game who has a cool Bishop-like costume adorned in Packer regalia. Our “crazy character” picture of the month.

St. Lombardi

St. Lombardi

What a great day, Go Pack Go!