Groundhog Day 2015 in Woodstock Illinois


Even though we had a snowstorm going on  Sunday,  we decided not to cancel our plans to come, since Woodstock did not cancel Groundhog Day there.  The storm was over around midnight, we woke to a cold, clear morning of 4 degrees. We arrived downtown on the Square around 6:30 AM, it was beautifully lit with icicle lights and  the fresh snow (9 inches) looked beautiful.  The city crew worked hard all night to clear the square and the rest of the street after the storm, they did a great job!

Woodstock SquareWoodstock Square Park Groundhog Day

 The crowd was gathering at “Gobbler’s Knob”, bundled up against the cold, at least the strong winds from last night subsided. While waiting for sunrise, we sang some Groundhog carols. Woodstock Willie posed for pictures with the crowd too.  Frank Jay and his Orchestra provided the musical accompaniment.  Groundhog Day Crowd in Woodstock


Groundhog Day songs in Woodstock

Woodstock Willie selfie 2-2-15

 It was time for the prognostication, the Inner Circle assembled in the gazebo and rapped on the door on Woodstock Willie’s tree stump.

Prognostication Time in Woodstock

 Mayor Dr. Brian Sager, who is fluent in Groundhogese, listens intently to Willie’s weather prognostication.

Willie's Prognostication in Woodstock

He got his answer, and tells the crowd “Six more weeks of winter.”

Despite the news, we are in good spirits since the storm is over and the sunrise was beautiful. Both groundhogs greet their admirers afterwards, posing for pictures.

Weather Prognostication in Woodstock

Groundhog Power in Woodstock

 Our next destination is the Moose Lodge, where the Groundhog breakfast and entertainment continued.

The Moose Lodge-Pennsylvania Hotel Dance in Woodstock

Groundhog Breakfast in Woodstock

Frank Jay and his Orchestra played polkas while the Groundhog Day movie played silently on a TV screen. Roger Adler, who was one of the members of the band at the Groundhog dance in the film, sang “Weatherman” while playing guitar.  They also had a raffle and a trivia contest.

Groundhog Breakfast at Moose Lodge in Woodstock


Roger Adler in Woodstock


Frank Jay and his Orchestra in Woodstock

 Bob Hudgins was also there, thanking the people of Woodstock and fans of the movie for continuing to welcome them back every year to help celebrate Groundhog Day. Also for the dedication of the new Harold Ramis Auditorium at the Woodstock Theater. He was the director of the movie. He passed away in 2014 at age 69.

Bob Hudgins in Woodstock

We also chatted with members of the Inner Circle, including Rick Bellairs, head of the committee responsible for planning and running this festival. We will never forget the best Groundhog Day we ever had and the hospitality of the citizens of Woodstock.

Groundhog Day Banner and Stump in Woodstock

 Be sure to enjoy the Walking Tour when you are in town, you can do that anytime you visit the city.  The city is quite beautiful any time of the year.

8 thoughts on “Groundhog Day 2015 in Woodstock Illinois

  1. Thanks for the great pictures and notes. I attended the event this year for the first time since moving back to Woodstock after an absence of 40+ years. It was great fun and I can’t wait for next year.


    • Hi Peggy, thanks for the kind words 🙂 I am currently writing a 3rd post about Woodstock, covering the historic buildings and businesses. Follow us if you would like blog updates 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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  3. Lori,
    This looks like so much fun! Your photos are beautiful. Although I’ve been grateful for our much milder Wisconsin winter this year, I’ve really missed the snow! I especially liked the information about the Groundhog Day carols. What a hoot! BTW, Groundhog Day (with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell) is one of my favorite movies. Until your post, I didn’t know Illinois had a similar celebration. Much easier to visit from Wisconsin than Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania 🙂
    Looking forward to 3rd Woodstock post 🙂


    • Hi Susan, I am not sure on that, especially since we don’t have a dog. You can contact the Groundhog Days Hotline:
      (815) 334-2620
      They can help you better than I can. Thanks for your comment! For the record, we did not see any dogs about.


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