Get Ready for Spring at the WPT Garden Expo

2nd Weekend in February

Garden Expo logo

We are relatively new gardeners, and look forward to the seminars at this event to learn how to grow a better garden.  The expo is hosted by Wisconsin Public Television. We also are lucky enough to meet hosts of many of the programs shown on WPT. Here we are with Shelly Ryan, host of “The Wisconsin Gardner”.  She retired in 2013, but you can still watch past episodes and buy some on the site.

Us with Shelly Ryan

Update 1-16-14    We are saddened by the news that Shelly Ryan passed away today. Her obit can be read here.  At this year’s expo they had a memorial for her.

Shelly Ryan Memorial

I also had a picture with Kyle Cherek from “Wisconsin Foodie”.

Kyle Cherek and I


This year we took our picture with Inga Witscher, host of the new program, “Around the Farm Table”.

Inga Witscher and us

Meeting the hosts is a lot of fun,  and makes the programs more personal.  We have attended many great seminars too. Topics include canning, fertilizing, landscaping, and preparing food from  veggies that you  may not be real familiar with.  Last year we really enjoyed local chef Tami Lax preparing a Confetti of Beauty Heart Radishes and Carrots, also called Watermelon Radish.

The recipe is in the book, ” From Asparagus to Zucchini-A guide to Cooking Farm-Fresh Seasonal Produce“.  It is about as big as a large apple.  It was delicious!

Tami Lax making Confetti Slaw

In the show room are many vendors selling a large variety of products, gardening-related or otherwise.  You would be hard pressed going out empty handed!

Crystal lights

If you are even just a little bit interested in gardening or just want a different shopping experience in the middle of winter, this is a great event to go to.

3 thoughts on “Get Ready for Spring at the WPT Garden Expo

  1. We have a home and garden show in Minneapolis every year at the convention center. I’ve gone only once because it is so overwhelming and all the products are so darn expensive. I still had fun in spite of that but not enough to want to go back. I hope your garden show is better!


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