Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee


It was a cold, snowy day in February, a great time to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. We are not bikers, but we know people who are.  What a fun place!  We learned the history of the Harley through the many exhibits. They even played an important role in WWII. I never knew!  There was even a chance to see the room where they restore bikes and store ones not currently on display.

StatueHarley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee

IMG_07882-19 139

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The last area of the museum featured a large screen and cycles you could sit on and pretend to ride for a great photo-op.

On cycle 2

The museum also has two restaurants on site. The Motor Bar and Restaurant, and a less expensive cafe also.  We had lunch at the cafe, great food! Don’t forget the gift shop, lots of great items there too.  It was a wonderful day. Even if you are not a Harley fan going in, you may be one going out!


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