The Livin’ is Easy at Lake Geneva


LakeGeneva 5-5-12

5-5-12 and 2-4-17


Corner of Wrigley and Main St.

Welcome to Lake Geneva, the big get-away resort town in Wisconsin (one of many). It wasn’t crowded  since it wasn’t yet summer.

Stop by the Lake Geneva Chamber of Commerce to get the latest information about the community. You can pick up a guide here or order one at their website. You can even read it online here.


Most parking spots have meters, just be aware of your parking spot number and pay at one of the many meter machines.  Downtown is where all the action is.    Read the Historic Lake Geneva sign at the corner of Main and Wrigley St.

Historic Lake Geneva sign


Lake Geneva has a radio station too, 96.1-The Lake.


We came back in 2017 and enjoyed Winterfest for the first time, great fun!


After parking we began walking. The Lake Geneva Creperie restaurant with a cute little chef out front. We couldn’t resist a picture with him 🙂  It closed on Feb 8, 2015.


Al and Laurie

Continuing on, we saw that downtown is in itself a historic district. We looked around more on our 2nd visit in 2017. There is many great places to shop and eat in Lake Geneva.  We enjoyed looking at the historic buildings also.

Lake Geneva Main St. Historic District sign

Some of the many restaurants downtown, so far we have just been to Speedo’s. We look forward to trying another one on our next visit.

Speedo’s Harborside Pub and Grill

We enjoyed lunch there in 2017, love the nautical decor. Great food too!



Lunch at Speedo's in Lake Geneva

Lake Aire Restaurant



 The Olympic Family Restaurant.


 Fat CatsFat Cats in Lake Geneva

Plenty of souvenier shops too to get Lake Geneva clothing and other mementos too.

Treasure Cove

Treasure Cove in Lake Geneva

Geneva Gifts

Geneva Gifts in Lake Geneva

Bob’s Beach Shack

Bob's Beach Shack in Lake Geneva

Pacific Southwest Swimwear

Pacific Southwest Swimwear

The Maple Park Historic District is also downtown, just off of Main St. It is the oldest platted part of lake Geneva. Let’s look at some notable places in this block.


 Horticulture Hall  has been an important centerpiece in Lake Geneva for over 100 years.


Lake Geneva Regional News for local happenings.


I like historic church buildings also, and this one on the block across from the news building is from 1880. The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion is built from stone. It is one of the oldest Episcopal parishes in Walworth County.

Episcopocal Church of the Holy Communion in Lake Geneva


Geneva Village Shops in a former church at 727 Geneva St.


Downtown also has places to stay overnight downtown to make your visit extra special. One is the Sheldon House Bed and Breakfast.

Sheldon House Bed and Breakfast in Lake Geneva

Also the Ole Bistro Inn on 220 Cook St.

Ole Bistro Inn in Lake Geneva

Brick and Mortar Home is a gift shop in a beautiful historic house.

Brick and Mortar Home in Lake Geneva

Another great place to shop is Delaney Street Mercantile on the corner.

Delaney Street Mercantile in Lake Geneva

Back to the corner where we started with the small clock tower is Potbelly Sandwich Shop and other stores.


In front of  The Riviera we saw  Field Stone Farm Carriage and Pony, LLC will take you for a ride in the summer.



We headed towards the Riviera to see the sights by the lake.

The Rivera

The Riviera

The fountain had a story of it’s own.


We soon saw the tour boat docked and filling with people going out for a ride on the Gage Cruise Line.

Gage Cruise

Gage Cruise

As you can tell, water sports are popular here. At Riviera Beach you can rent a boat at Elmers Rentals if you don’t have your own. Admission is charged for beach.

Elmer's Rentals at Lake Geneva

Also at Clearwater Outdoor on Riviera Beach. Rent a canoe or paddle board.

Clear Water Outdoor at Lake Geneva

Canoe rides in Lake Geneva

Another boat rental company is Watercraft Rentals.



We found out from the locals that there is a walking trail that goes around the WHOLE lake.  What fun!  Not enough time for that since it’s a big lake, but we did some of it.  Very interesting! We got great distance views of the Rivera and water as we moved away from downtown.





Rules of the trail, as it goes by many wealthy residences.




A sign on the path showing distance to various points.



We got off the path and walked in one of the neighborhoods.  We saw a tree with lots of horns attached to it.

Horn Tree

Horn Tree

An older man came out of the house, he pressed a button in the garage and the sound kicked in, it was as if the horns were playing! He had speakers in the tree too. Lets listen!

We headed back to the car, what a nice time in Lake Geneva.  There is a lot to do here! We hope to be back in the summer to cruise in the boat over to Black Point Estate for a tour!


Horse in Lake Geneva

6 thoughts on “The Livin’ is Easy at Lake Geneva

  1. I’ve never been to Lake Geneva, oh I just remembered maybe once to the Playboy Bunny Club, which isn’t there anymore. Anyway, I never got to see any of the things you saw, and yes, it does look like there would be lots to do to have fun.


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